Mutual Funds & Sub-Advisors

Mutual Funds & Sub-Advisors

Perkins Coie Trust Company selects top-tier mutual funds to provide investment in other asset classes that comprise each client’s allocation strategy. These include mid-cap and small-cap U.S. equity, developed and emerging market international equity, commodity and real estate, and cash. We may also use mutual funds for large-cap U.S. equity and fixed income allocations in lieu of individual issues for smaller accounts. Sub-advisors may be selected for large portfolios with capacity to meet minimum investment thresholds.

Mutual funds and sub-advisors are carefully selected using the following criteria:

  • Consistent performance versus the appropriate benchmark and peers
  • Track record of at least five years
  • Consistent management style and the same fund manager(s) for at least three years
  • A careful review of fund holdings, characteristics and diversification to assess risk, style consistency and correlation with other selected managers
  • True no-load funds with no sales charges and below-average management fees
  • Utilization of passive (index) managers in situations where expected net returns may be superior to active managers


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