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Tracy Bell

About Us

Our trust and investment management services build on our clients’ existing relationships with our law firm. These close relationships enhance our role as a fiduciary, and our clients can simplify their affairs by coordinating their legal, estate planning, trust and investment management, and financial planning needs within Perkins Coie.

Trust Company Services

Perkins Coie Trust Company provides trust and estate administration, investment management, and financial planning services.

Whatever the nature of our clients’ wealth—an inheritance, the sale of a business, the exercise of stock options, a rollover from a retirement plan, or personal investments—and whatever our clients’ goals are for their wealth, we can help design and then implement appropriate trust and asset management strategies.

There is no substitute for experience. For over a century our firm has provided legal counsel to affluent families and individuals. Our trust and investment professionals bring in-depth knowledge of trust administration, portfolio management, financial planning, and regulatory legal requirements. Our experience helps ensure that the trusts we establish and the assets we manage on behalf of our clients meet our clients’ objectives and will stand the test of time.


“Capital goes where it’s welcome and stays where it’s well treated.”

Source: Walter B. Wriston