Trust & Estate Administration

Trust & Estate Administration

Proper administration of trusts and estates requires an effective, experienced trustee or executor who strictly adheres to the duties of a fiduciary one to whom property and power have been entrusted for the benefit of another. Serving as a trustee or executor can be complex and time consuming. There are many issues that must be considered in choosing a fiduciary.

Many individuals choose a family member, a friend, or business partner to serve as executor or trustee. While there are merits to such choices loyalty, friendship, and trust there are also certain drawbacks. A family member or friend may have only rudimentary knowledge of investments and tax laws. Their objectivity may be questioned and may be a cause of family conflict. Moreover, individual trustees may die, move away, or simply lose interest in their role as trustee.

Clients may avoid these problems by selecting a professional executor or trustee. Unlike a family member or friend, a professional trustee may provide for succession and will focus its energies exclusively on its role as fiduciary. Perkins Coie Trust Company may serve as your sole fiduciary or co-fiduciary for your estate and grantor trusts as well as testamentary trusts. We will also serve as successor trustee should the estate planning documents provide such authority. Our professionals at Perkins Coie Trust Company can help you plan, administer and manage a broad range of trusts and estates in a seamless, effective and prudent manner. We can provide the continuity essential to the success of your estate plan. When Perkins Coie Trust Company serves as a professional executor or trustee, clients can be assured of our:

  • Permanence and reliability,
  • Administrative capability,
  • Competence and experience,
  • Investment management expertise, and
  • Objectivity.


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