Executor Services

Executor Services

Our specialists work with your family to ensure that the terms of your estate plan are properly executed. As executor, we provide clients with experience in probate procedures, federal estate tax and state inheritance tax law, and all aspects of estate administration. Estate administration services are coordinated with the firm’s experienced legal and paralegal team to deliver the finest estate settlement services available.

As executor we will:

  • Coordinate with family members,
  • Marshal estate assets,
  • Collect money owed to the estate,
  • Notify creditors and pay valid debts,
  • Manage the estate’s assets and make distributions to the beneficiaries,
  • File the decedent’s final income tax return if requested,
  • Choose a tax year for the estate,
  • Complete and file the federal estate tax return,
  • Submit a detailed accounting to beneficiaries and/or the probate court, and
  • Coordinate with others who are part of your advisory team.

The professionals at Perkins Coie Trust Company and lawyers of Perkins Coie LLP will handle all of the complex tasks of estate settlement and administration so that your family members do not have to assume this burden.

PCTC Executor Services