Charitable Organizations

Charitable Organizations

Our clients include both private foundations and endowment funds. We deliver a range of services dependent upon the size and need of the organization.

  • Investment advisory services including support in development of spending policy and asset allocation strategy, investment policy statement design, investment management and manager selection, performance reporting
  • Administrative services providing gift support, grant analysis and distributions, flexible reporting, annual audit support, 990 PF preparation
  • Legal services offering advice regarding charitable gifting strategies for donors, governance guidelines for boards, assistance with IRS rulings, counsel on legal compliance matters


Over half of Americans plan to donate as much to charity in 2023 as they gave in 2022, and 42.3% expect to increase their charitable contributions over last year.

Source: Charity Navigator

Americans gave almost $500 billion in 2022, with charitable contributions rising in many sectors including foundations and international affairs (each, 10.1%). Parents lead by example: adults are more likely to donate if their parents also gave to charity.

Source: National Philanthropic Trust 2023