Investment Management

Investment Management

Effective management of assets whether in trusts, personal investment or tax-deferred and tax-exempt portfolios requires both a disciplined investment process and customized planning for the unique circumstances of each and every client.

Perkins Coie Trust Company applies the proven principles of asset allocation and tax-intelligent investing to properly diversify portfolios, manage risk and achieve optimal after-tax investment performance. We seek attractively valued investment opportunities in high quality stocks, bonds and mutual funds across a full spectrum of geographic regions, sectors and specific industries. We tailor every portfolio to the objectives established by our clients whether for their retirement, their philanthropic interests or their heirs.

Perkins Coie Trust Company manages assets in trusts and estates and also provides investment advice to clients requiring management of their personal investment portfolios, individual retirement accounts, private foundations or endowments.


Asset allocation and diversification are powerful tools for achieving an investment goal. A portfolio’s allocation among asset classes will determine a large proportion of its return – and the majority of its volatility risk. Broad diversification reduces a portfolio’s exposure to specific risks while providing opportunity to benefit from the markets’ current leaders.

Source: Vanguard

Our charitably inclined and socially responsible client requires a unique asset allocation strategy that follows environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives as well as a core/satellite investment strategy.
Perkins Coie Trust Company publishes white papers on timely topics providing practical information that is important to our clients.

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