Our Approach

Our Approach

Perkins Coie Trust Company delivers personalized service through a client-driven dynamic investment process. We begin by determining each client’s financial objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements and tax situation. We then define the appropriate asset allocation strategy that will best deliver to the client’s needs and document our approach in a customized investment policy statement for each client. We construct each portfolio in accordance with investment policy, monitor ongoing investment performance and rebalance periodically. Our investment professionals routinely meet with clients to ensure that investment results are satisfactory and in keeping with overall objectives as well as to review any significant changes in portfolio strategy.

Dependent upon asset allocation strategy, Perkins Coie Trust Company typically invests the majority of each portfolio in a combination of high-quality large-cap U.S. stocks and intermediate-term tax-exempt or taxable bonds (or comparable mutual funds for smaller portfolios). We use mutual funds for exposure to other asset classes such as mid-cap, small-cap and international or emerging market equities. Mutual funds are also employed for portfolio allocations to real assets such as commodities and real estate. For large portfolios with the capacity to meet minimum investment thresholds, we may utilize the services of external separate account investment advisors with specialized expertise in selected asset classes. External advisors including mutual fund managers are selected for consistent, superior historic returns, lower average expenses and other criteria and are carefully monitored on an ongoing basis. By maintaining low portfolio turnover, we minimize transaction costs and tax consequences. We focus on tax-efficient investment strategies, such as harvesting portfolio losses to offset gains and utilizing third party funds or managers with a history of tax-sensitivity.

Perkins Coie Trust Company employs both proprietary and third-party analytical and portfolio accounting technology and subscribes to publications by well-known buy- and sell-side research providers. These tools support asset allocation analysis, customized portfolio management, timely security selection and investment performance measurement. Our technology services include Online Account Access for our clients over a secured site on the Internet.


An estimated $8.4 trillion in total U.S. sustainable investments were under management in 2022. This represents 12.6%, or one dollar of every eight, of the $66.6 trillion in total U.S. assets under professional management.

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Perkins Coie Trust Company publishes white papers and provides links to other sources on timely topics providing practical information that is important to our clients.