Investment Discipline

Investment Discipline

At Perkins Coie Trust Company, portfolio construction entails an involved investment selection process that includes both top-down economic considerations as well as bottom up security analysis. Factors considered in stock, bond, alternative assets and cash investments vary, but core to the process is due diligence that considers the financial characteristics, the investment thesis for owning the security and valuation as we make best efforts not to overpay for investments in client accounts. Equally important to the process for buying investments is our “sell discipline” which guides our analysis of when to recognize gains, exit positions or even potentially add to current positions.

We utilize the following investment strategies for high quality investment selection in most client accounts:

  • Core Equity  – a blend of large cap US companies balanced between growth and value asset styles
  • Taxable or Tax-Exempt Fixed Income  – individual taxable or tax-exempt bonds or mutual funds that provide sector and geographic diversification
  • Mutual Funds & Sub-Advisors – “best in class” mutual funds or exchange traded funds for other asset classes such as mid-cap, small-cap or international equity
  • Alternative Assets – fund vehicles that provide appropriate exposure to commodities, real estate, and hedge funds

In the past 20 years, 7 of the best days happened within just about two weeks of the 10 worst days.

Source: J.P. Morgan Asset Management

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